Pampered - Words and Pictures

My kids barred me for the bathroom and only appeared to request specific items: a towel, that I light a candle for them and most mysteriously an empty, but clean jar. I listened outside the door to be sure there wasn't any naughtiness happening. To my delight I was invited to a "Moms Only Spa."

Dinner could wait. We had a date. They'd transformed the bathroom into a tranquil oasis fit solely for yours truly. They'd created a menu with a listing of the services they'd provide and were as cordial as ever calling me miss (so flattering) and offering me ice water (so refreshing.)

I selected the "Mom's Mini-Makeover" complete with pedicure, hair styling and make-up. Was I in for a treat. They massaged my tootsies, had me show them how to apply eye shadow and put all manner of goop, gel, spray and something suspiciously oily in my hair. It was marvelous, I looked fabulous and have two special kids to thank for knowing how to make this mom feel loved.

Stripes and Polka-Dots!
Is posting a photo of my mutant-feet online a toe-pas?
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