Words and Pictures

I'm starting a mini-series here on my 'ole blog-er-ino in which I offer myself a writing prompt based on a photo, as both an exercise for myself and commentary for you, dear reader.

Today: Love is having a best friend or in my case, and I count myself very lucky, several best friends.

Those two up there are best friends and brother and sister and are as sweet as can be. The picture is a bit fuzzy, but so are they. Sure he sniffs her butt from time to time, but she doesn't seem to mind. Friends of mine couldn't get away with that, but out of the gutter (or wherever the butt reference took you) and into the company of my nearest and dearest is where I like to find myself.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for promptly answering my random questions like, "how to get black face paint out of white carpet" and when the twelve inch streak remains forever a reminder of a little girl in front of her mirror painting what only resembled large splotches, offer more ideas in the way to cover-it-up. I appreciate your resolute effort and commitment to our friendship even when it is contending with life's minutea.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for listening to me whine and vent and vent and whine, you're there to listen and give me perspective when I step out of alignment and help me find my way back when I need to. The fact that you're comfortable enough to be honest with me reveals your integrity, a quality I value highly.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for accepting and humoring my wacky, silly, giddy, totally stinkin' awesome self. The best is when I find you right there along with me in the tear-streaming, pants-peeing laughter.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for being my reading and writing buddies. I don't know where I would be if Twilight hadn't entered my life, okay I do, but still we've had some twi-rif-ic times. I thank you from the essence of my being for reading early copies of my manuscript and not pointing and laughing, but instead encouraging me and offering tremendous amounts of help in getting things just right. Thank you for your time especially.

Dear Friends,
Thank you for sharing your lives with me, your triumphs and struggles, your fears and hopes, it is an honor that we can trust each other with treasures of the heart.

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