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Long before my daughters counted their surf hero as Bethany Hamilton, they were keen to hop on a board and ride a wave. After much begging, pleading and pop-up practice, we got them in the water and they've proven that it is more than a passing fad. During times when hitting the beach isn't viable, they pour over books, studying technique, reading stories and tips on how to get the most out of each wave.

Above are several books read, reviewed and enjoyed by my surfer girls:
The Girl's Guide to Surfing by Andrea McCloud - This one is straightforward and comprehensive with an underlying sense of humor which I appreciate. There are also inspiring and humble quotes by top female surfers reminding our girls that while they can aspire to greatness, so much is dependent on waves and weather.

Surf Diva by Isabelle "Izzy" Tihanyi and Caroline "Coco" Tihanyi - This one is for the older girl...upon reading there is material in here for older teens and gals in their early twenties...see below!

Surf's Up: The Girl's Guide to Surfing by Louise Southerden - My daughter's favorite- this one has everything you need to know from the time you hit the sand 'til you stand and ride a wave. If the cover is any indication (note the look of pure happiness!) There are many photos, a history of surfing and pretty much everything you need or want to know.

And for the younger siblings who want to get in on the sand and sea action:

Tiptoe Guide to Catching Mermaids - written by Ammi-Joan Paquette

The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Mermaids - Ammi-Joan Paquette

*This is the favorite, although it is not strictly about surfing, it is a whimsical combination of photography and beautiful drawings that practically brings alive the magic of the ocean.

Pig Kahuna - Jennifer Sattler

The little piggies are so sweet and the story is about overcoming fear, a must if you want to surf the big ones.

Surfer Chick - Kristy Dempsey

We love chickens (have some) and laugh out loud imagining them or any of our other furry menagerie on a board.

Olivia Learns to Surf - Diana Michaels

When my girls were younger they loved Olivia (another little piggie) and the artistry combined with the story of a playful grandmother make this a fun and quick read for kiddos.

Illustrated by Marie LeTourneu

For older girls (mid to late teens) the books listed first would be suitable, but there are a few other resources they may find helpful, informative and stokifying (I'm totally sure that version of the word has been used in certain circles.)

The Big Book of Surfing by Michael Fordham


Endless Summer (the original and Number II!)
Step into Liquid Huge waves- livin' loud.

Beautiful Wave - Strictly for older gals with it's PG-13 rating
Blue Crush - Ditto above
Soul Surfer - By far one of my most favorite and inspiring movies. It is all around a beautiful story.

Surf Like a Girl website, blog and book!
Surf Girl website, music, vids and much more!

Happy Surfing!!!

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