Holiday Hair -- Braids Galore!

Braids are my favorite hair style for this coming holiday season. My fondness for braids was most recently (re)inspired by Jennifer Lawrence's portrayal of Katniss in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games. When I went to watch the movie the night it was released a cosmetology school offered Katniss braids while theater-goers waited in line. I longed for one, but both lines (I wanted a good seat) were too long. An interview by head hair stylist on the set is available here.

Source: via Annik on Pinterest

When my daughter (who has not yet been inducted into the world of YA and therefore unaware of the craze) asked me to give her a fishtail...I may very well have invented a braid of my own. I call it the mermaid. It is basically a low French braid slash fishtail. I had great success with wet hair. The next day we tried the fishtail, which came out to her satisfaction.

The Mermaid- A combination of a French Braid and the Fishtail (below.)

She loved this one- it was easier than braiding- if that's not your thing.
Simply brush all the hair backward (again wet hair is very helpful.)
Working from the outside take 1/4 inch strands and cross in an X shape going right-left (or left right) grabbing new strands each time. It isn't officially a braid, but more of a crossing of the hair. Directions can be found here.
Here are more thoughts I have about hair.
Please share any holiday or fiction-inspired hair you below!
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