How to Pitch Like a Rockstar - Swing #3

An armful of gratitude to everyone who has read and offered feedback on my pitches during the Pitch Like a Rock Star Contest courtesy of Heather on her blog Between the Sheets. Below are my revised pitches, but first a few things I learned during this process:
  1. A pitch is not a logline.
  2. Writing a pitch, a logline or a query is challenging especially when my brain has fogged over with intimate knowledge of three hundred pages worth of material. But billions of published books are a testament to the fact that it can be done and as a writer it is my responsibility and another way in which to hone my skills to be able to do so. But I can grit my teeth and admit that I don't really like it. The other part, yanno the world building, story creating, character developing is so much more fun. However, I will pitch, log and query and continue to grow as a writer because, yanno, it's all part of it and sometimes challenges can be fun too.
  3. There are countless amazing stories out there written and waiting to be shared. It is overwhelming and heartening to know I will someday have the privilege to read some of them and that one lucky day the story may be mine.

Revision - Girl on the Edge

As seventeen year old Pearl Jaeger emerges from a gritty childhood she is sent to a prestigious prep school with the promise of a second chance, but reckless with grief when her mother overdoses, she turns to drinking and smoking with the burnouts including shy, but sweet Grant. Haunted by her memories when she goes to summer school in her native New York City Pearl falls in deeper with the hard partying lifestyle sending her spiraling out of control on the heels of her late mother. But between hits of pot, pills and anything else she can get her hands on Grant shows her what it is to trust and forgive and Pearl must close the door on her past, and choose him or lose love, along with her future.

Revision - To the Sea

After attorney Kira Speranza unexpectedly loses her husband in a car accident, she uncovers his steamy past causing her to nearly drown in sorrow over loss and deception as her carefully constructed world falls apart. Pursued by a hot and spontaneous surfer Kira goes on a “surfari” in South Africa where she learns what she wants in a relationship, but it is more than he can offer casting her further adrift. As Kira discovers that salt, be it tears, sweat or the sea will guide her toward the truth of who she really is she finds herself hand-in-hand with her surf instructor, Ian, who loves her unconditionally, but his return to the west coast threatens to end their relationship and the love she’s finally found.

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