My WIP Playlist

I write in complete and utter silence.

No coffee shops.

No sneaking away while the kids play rambunctiously in an adjacent room.

But inspiration flows when I'm in the shower.

Ideas percolate as I pound the pavement on a run or slip into a yoga pose.

When I crank the stereo in my car, details coalesce.
But when it is time to actually write (okay, type) there must be silence or so I thought. 

My current project, one that has been on and off my mind from the beginning, the one I was convinced I would never write, the one I believed would crush me before I even conceived the first word, has by some miracle of spit and polish, come into being and this what I've been listening to...

Oh and a bit of Tom Petty never hurts- he's good for that expansive, never ending, open feeling of possibility. But to really get into the head space. It's pretty much any song by these guys.

Yes, children of the nineties, that is Dave Grohl and no Josh Homme is not my husband's brother, but dh does rock a Gibson.

Back to erm. Work.
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