Wiling Winter


Do you ever wonder...

Do you ever feel like things are fixed?

Do you ever think that the way things are is the way they are and you've settled so deeply into a way of living, thinking or being that a detour, another path or option just isn't there? Not like in the dead end kind of way, but like you're caught up in whatever it is you've got going on?

Do you ever think well this is the way things are, this is the way I am and that is that?

Do you assume you know yourself?

Do you think you believe the possibilities for your life are laid before you like silverware set at the table or laundry stacked neatly in piles?

Do you ever feel like well, this is it, this is the way it's gonna be and not in that sad and despondent way, but a non-seeing kind of way?

But then one day you surprise yourself.
You try something new and it introduces the long dormant idea of possibility.
It is a wonder of wonders to behold because you recall you're ticklish and that particular tinkle of your own laughter when you're really, really happy is like music to your own ears.
Then you realize you're the one making the music.
You realize you can create the music.
You wondrous you.
And it may not be music, it may be a story or a poem or a dress or a sketch or something green growing in your garden or zip lining or something as humble as a perfect sandwich.

I had one such moment lately and I am still riveted, astounded, surprised by my own capacity. And yeah, I'm reveling in it. 


Little Gentleman Surfers

 El mar lindo y magico.




Brown Paper Packages - Winter

Here is a collection of some of my favorite things for this winter. Note: those are slippers, because I've got to keepmy tootsies toasty. Please see my autumn set here. What are some of your favorite fashions for this winter? Cookbooks? Novels? Beauty Products? Please do share below!
My favorite things- Winter 2012-13


Five on Friday

As if yesterday's wacky car with a mustache wasn't enough, here are five photos from life this week.

Feed Bag. 

Frosty snowflake. Directions here

Green is the new black. 

Regina Brooks, where have you been all my life?

Yes, that potato is looking at you. 

Also here are the beginnings of revolutions for 2013.

And a fun photography inspired blog hop.


Moustache Craze

Has anyone else noticed the moustaches that have become a huge part of pop-culture? What's up? Is it a hipster thing? Why do people (and cars) love the twirly little hair accessories? And pink?

I admit I laughed when I saw this, but I seriously don't get it. Does that mean I'm old and uncool? Eek!

More car glamour here

Super Natural Every Day - Cookbook Review

Source: blissfulbblog.com via Melissa on Pinterest

I love cookbooks. Have I said that before? They have evolved so much in recent years. The anecdotes that accompany each recipe in many modern cookbooks draw me right into the kitchen with the author, with all the smells, sounds and comfort that home cooking elicits. I love reading where a recipe came from, getting insight into its evolution or what the dish means to the creator.

Super Natural Every Day didn't fail to reel me into Heidi Swanson's San Fransisco kitchen. While I noted which recipes I wanted to try, I got a glimpse into her culinary life, like an old friend catching up over tea and muffins. Which I have to say, where healthy and delicious. Not at all dry (don't ya hate a dry muffin?) quite flavorful, and the recipe was straightforward.

On the whole, the recipes in Super Natural Everyday were a nice balance of unfussy and just sophisticated enough to not put off the novice cooker. I enjoy trying new dishes, expanding my repertoire and Super Natural Every Day was a welcome invitation to do so with a wide variety of fresh ingredients and lovely photography.
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