Those Kinds of Days

This weekend was one of those hurry up and get everything done and then don't lift a finger kinds of a couple of days.
It was all rush from place to place, event to event and then sit back and enjoy the simple splendor of a cold evening spent curled up by the fire.

It was stretching in downward dog and reading The Lord of the Rings with my littles (though really not so little.)


It was phones calls, texts and emails, and crossing off lists and strumming the ukulele.

It was catching up with friends and twisting homemade pretzels.  

It was folding the clothes, "window shopping" for clothes, swimming laps and watching baskets bounce.
It was one of those weekends when we just live life with sniffles and laughter, a big pot of soup and movies, and the realization that everything is just as it should be.  
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