Deliciously G-Free - Cookbook Review

I am a huge fan of Pad Thai. It has to be one of my favorite-of-all-time meals and in an effort to continuously eat clean and green I try on average a new cookbook each month. I don't love gluten and gluten certainly doesn't love me. For most people, gluten is semi tolerable (or like my husband says, enjoyable!) No matter, it is still wise to make gluten-free meals from time to time for variety and because eating gluten-free is easier on the digestive system.

I really enjoyed Elisabeth Hasselbeck's background story and journey to realizing gluten was the culprit to a variety of issues in her diet and her motivation to transform meals she loves into ones she can digest. I leafed through the recipes and their accompanying stunning photos and settled on, drum roll, the Pad Thai. I'm not sure what the secret ingredients that makes Pad Thai so good at my favorite Thai restaurant, but I have yet to find a recipe in a cookbook that replicates the flavors. This one is no exception, but the dish was still tasty nonetheless and gluten free!

If you or someone you cook for doesn't eat gluten this cookbook is worth adding to your repertoire and if, like me you love food photography or ahem, seeing what a dish is supposed to look like before you put your hand to it, check out Deliciously G-Free.

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thoughts and stuff on  motherhood by natalie.
my new old favorite blog, cookery book author and all around superstar. 

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El Mar

Nearly there. 
The trees are budding. 
The temperature rising. 
And Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay" echoes as a reminder of the 
bittersweet impermanence of the seasons of life.
Oh happy day earth, and ocean, and wind, and sky, and sun above.


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Where rock meets water.

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Life Lately

Life Lately. 

It isn't outside. But inside, oh in here, it is gorgeous with sunshiine. 

Marine life in clay. 

Sprouting Lentils. Thank you to my sister for the lid and Cassie for the how-to. 

Admittedly that isn't the best photo, but look! they have tails. Cute. 

Getting this in the mail. Stoked. 
Surf Girl mag, if you need an editor/proofreader lemme know, 'kay? I can even accurately edit slang. 

This is flubber. Recipe for non-edible kitchen fun and mayhem- here


What's life like lately for you?

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waiting for the call. old school.

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fifty self care ideas from back to her roots
and the sunnies i waaaannnntttttt!

My Favorite Things...

These are just some of my favorite things this spring. Now all I need is a little sunshine.

My Favorite Things

Gold hawk



$175 -


Origins skincare

And for a few more, 'cos why here
And how about you...what are your top window shopping picks?

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Three favorites from this week:
It's all very sweet & cute, but scroll down to the twelfth photo. I can practically smell them. 
Spread, spread, spread the love - blogger style. 
And this just lit me up from my bloggin' bestie. 
...and well, 'cos I can never limit myself, especially not to just three...another goodie, and mostly because it relates to the photo above and well, with a few inches of snow still on the ground and the temps hovering around freezing, I live vicariously.

                What has got your heart a-swell? Your pipes a-hummin? Your toes a-tappin? 
Please do share. xo

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Oh, Om.

Source: via CRYSTAL on Pinterest

There is something beyond the comprehension of my quotidian mind that three seemingly simple syllables followed by a rest that conveys and elicits a profound sense of deep peace, serenity and connection. How is that possible? Aum. Or Om. Oh, Om.

When I first started yoga, ages and ages ago I was a teenager, an unlikely candidate to take a yoga class offered at my high school. The very fact that it was offered surprises me now, but more than that, I see that I was the exact kind of teenager to best benefit from the alchemy of yoga.

At the time "om-ing" was so uncool. I reluctantly opened my mouth in the shape of the sound, but kept quiet, like a lip-syncer.

I floated in and out of yoga classes in the years that followed and gained a kind of purchase brought to me by having been introduced to the practice at such a young age. It made me think, "I totally Om. I Om with the best of 'em. Like a pro." I ignored my adolescent Milli-Vanilli-esque showstopping performance.

When I did finally give it a try, my voice felt small and singular. Was I doing it right? Was it Ooooooommmmm or Aaaahhhhhmmmmm or what? Why was the lady next to me so baritone?

Fast forward even further and now, on the other side (or another side) I find myself Om-ing with gusto. With fervor. With devotion. It actually isn't hard to get it wrong. It feels good. It's fun! And I see the hesitancy in new students...I can read on their faces, "You seriously want me to make that noise? Out of my body? In front of all these other people?" It can be daunting. It can feel silly. But when you get in the pocket of the primordial sound, when voices (a part of our very essence) are in harmony there is a powerful, dam breaking, overflowing, shining knowing and connection. It's pretty darn cool. But I won't try and push it on the teenage students. I'll let them figure it out on their own. Just like I did.
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