Monday, April 29, 2013

Deliciously G-Free - Cookbook Review

I am a huge fan of Pad Thai. It has to be one of my favorite-of-all-time meals and in an effort to continuously eat clean and green I try on average a new cookbook each month. I don't love gluten and gluten certainly doesn't love me. For most people, gluten is semi tolerable (or like my husband says, enjoyable!) No matter, it is still wise to make gluten-free meals from time to time for variety and because eating gluten-free is easier on the digestive system.

I really enjoyed Elisabeth Hasselbeck's background story and journey to realizing gluten was the culprit to a variety of issues in her diet and her motivation to transform meals she loves into ones she can digest. I leafed through the recipes and their accompanying stunning photos and settled on, drum roll, the Pad Thai. I'm not sure what the secret ingredients that makes Pad Thai so good at my favorite Thai restaurant, but I have yet to find a recipe in a cookbook that replicates the flavors. This one is no exception, but the dish was still tasty nonetheless and gluten free!

If you or someone you cook for doesn't eat gluten this cookbook is worth adding to your repertoire and if, like me you love food photography or ahem, seeing what a dish is supposed to look like before you put your hand to it, check out Deliciously G-Free.

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  1. I love pad thai. I'd be curious to try a gluten free version. My friend makes a raw version that's pretty good, too.

  2. Lol...I'd totally try the raw version too! If the recipes were our own I'd say we should swap. Cheers!

    1. here it is, if you're curious: ;)

    2. and thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Thanks for the review! I will be sure to check this out! :)

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