a day (late)...and a happy...

Yesterday got away from me like Thursdays saturated with June gloom do. So today will have to suffice because really, right now is all I've got. And there's no sense in living with regret our guilt about not posting when I tell myself I'm going to post because really, by the end of the day yesterday, there was nothing to say. But today, yes today, I start anew.

I  have a great big happy to wish all the father's out there. Happy father's day to my dad and to the father of my children. I am so grateful for you both. xo

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And here are a few things others had to say because for now, they're using their words a bit better than me... apparently mine are reserved for a query that's itching to get written.

This here is about (doing) nothing as Poohs do. Or rather, don't.
Sometimes pictures speak louder than words (well, the words are good too.)
If only I could get those aforementioned dads all the things.
And because I love food so much...alas, I will have to wait until October for this.
And a blog hop and aloha love because it's Friday (and thank goodness it isn't Thursday anymore.)
Thanks time.

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