Cookin' up a Cupcake

So I've been a been neglectful of this here baby. That's because my real-life babies, though not really babies at all, have started back to school, among other things. You know life 'n stuff. But I've been cooking up some goodies in my spare time. Heh. Heh.

It involves things like this.

And this.

Only you know I don't eat sugar. Not a lick of it. Not sugar cane, not honey, not refined, or unrefined. I don't eat maple syrup or agave, or anything of sugar's relatives.

So in fact, it looks more like this.

I may have mentioned something about it last week. Or was it the week before? I'm holding on so tight to summer I'm losing track of my days.

But I've been mixing and stirring and tap, tap, tapping away on these here keys.

The inspiration came from several places...Cupcake Wars for starters. Such an odd indulgence for a sugar and gluten free gal. And trying to perfect an actual frosting free of the aforementioneds. Tricky stuff. Though I don't recommend trying to eat a middle grade fiction manuscript. No sirree. Not a good idea.

Not sure what I'm round-about getting at? Stay tuned.
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