Drink Up: The Secret Smoothie

Secret smoothies are for people like me who have several hungry mouths to feed but run out of quickly devoured fresh fruits and veggies before I can restock. When we’re out of the desired bananas, berries, greens and such to make some of our favorite smoothies (epic smoothie post) and I’m in a pinch I’ll make a “Secret Smoothie.” 

I keep a couple pouches of pureed fruits and veggies aka baby food on hand to toss in the blender with whatever else I do happen to have in our fruit bowl for a nutrient packed snack and no one is the wiser.

Ideally all our smoothies are prepared with fresh, local organic produce, but sometimes I fall short, don’t make it to the store, or items are eaten before I have a chance to toss ‘em in the blender. Occasionally I also have the reluctant taster, one who isn’t so sure about plums, yams or egads! peas in her smoothie, but I take a cue from JessicaSeinfeld and sneak in the contents of one of these little pouches and they’ll never know why their drink is so action packed and delicious!

The combinations are practically endless with the fruit and veggies pouches, just roll up your sleeves, don your best poker face, and serve up a Secret Smoothie.

A Secret Smoothie Flavor Concoction…look for the brightly colored cap for a clue ;)

And...I find using the less attractive, but more ripe spotty bananas to reduce that tongue biting unripe taste for my smoothies.

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