Writerly Kinds of Things...

Big week online for young adult writers who aspire to be published.

Starting NOW: Write on Con- the online writer's conference has forums open to get a jump on receiving feedback on queries, the first 250 words, and the first five pages. This is triple awesome.

Monday: Miss Snark's First Victim opens the lottery for the Secret Agent contest- where selected entrants post their first 250 words for critique and some amount of chosen manuscripts will requested by the Secret Agent.

Monday: Agent Greeting Contest on Michelle4Laughs. This one has a sense of humor.

Thursday: I submitted a query for critique to Falling for Fiction. Please let me know what you think! I've since made a couple more changes, but this is the gist.

Even if you're not quite ready to submit your material, these contests and critiques are a great opportunity to get familiar with the query process as well as try your hand at offering constructive comments---and supporting your fellow writers. Note* This post stands in a day early (instead of my usual Tuesday post) so those of you interested can get a jump on the events.
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