5 Ways to Swap a Bad Mood for a Good Attitude

When the sun isn't shining and the birds aren't chirping, I can easily find myself in a slump, a funk, a downright foul mood. Thankfully that isn't me today, but while my mind is sharp, I write this reminder for myself —forever recorded on the internet so I can, yanno, reference the fact that I once saw myself out of the proverbial hole I sometimes find myself buried in.

Sometimes mismatched socks do the trick. 

1.       Three minutes jumping on a trampoline. No trampoline? Use the bed…bouncing is fun. It is like being a kid again. Before bills, career stress, having to think about things like schedules and insurance. 

2.       Two minute handstand. Can’t do a handstand? Use the same bed as above, lay on your belly by the edge and where you hinge forward, press your hands to the floor, keep your neck relaxed, and the crown of the head off the floor. Let your neck  muscles relax. Let ideas and thoughts pool right outside that little cranium of yours. You're upside down...see number one, it's kinda like being a kid. 

3.       Pour a tall glass of water. Close your eyes. Relax the muscles of the face. Drink with gratitude for clean water, your body, the phone that's not ringing, or the email that might be in your inbox. Whatever it is, drink in appreciation. Cheers!

4.       Step outside. Close your eyes. Relax the muscles in your scalp, neck and abdomen. Listen. Breathe.Open your eyes what do you see? The horizon? The mailbox? Birds fluttering around? Or do you see your castle and realm, a field of potential or a striped elephant with a flower in its trunk?

5.       Seek out scent. Lavender has relaxing qualities while lemon has uplifting…no lavender or lemon nearby? Smell some flowers, bake some cookies, stick your nose in a bough of pine needles, inhale what pleases you.

The Do-Gooders Award.
Perfect for my tomato bounty.
Cole? Isabel? This, I gotta read. Thank you Maggie.

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