Hello and Goodbye

First Draft. Printed. 

Hello Blog. You've been here patiently waiting for me to post? So loyal. And I will get back to blogging on the regular. Soon. Right now I'm regrouping. And editing. If anyone knows the life of a writer, editing chews up time (and sometimes spits it back out. Not pretty.) But I am very excited about this MS. It has whimsy. Magic. Cupcakes. (I'm so not over cupcakes and I'm so sorry if you are.) It has mystery and a little bit of mayhem. That's a lot of m's, but that just means it's Mmm Good.

This has also been a time for me to say goodbye. Goodbye post to Ladies Holiday, my other blog. The one I poured so much of myself into with three wonderful friends. It is such a bittersweet thing. I'll miss the team work and connection from Ladies Holiday, but moving in a new direction means I have more time to dedicate to other things (some fun, some chore-y.) If you're interested in what Ladies Holiday is all about check it here.

Interestingly this has also been a time in which I've been evaluating some things I believed, hoped for, and aspire toward. As we move toward autumn and seasonal change I suppose this is a natural progression, but myself, I prefer the sunshine, heat, and energy of summer. That's me.

What are you thinking about now in this shifting time? Do share. 
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