Salty Inspiration

 Chin up buttercup, my mantra when I'm feeling that low uncertainty that I'm failing, flailing, when there aren't replies to queries—either way, when I find myself questioning what I'm striving for in writing, what's the point? I lift my chin to the sun and seek reminders, support, and beg to answer, why do I write.

To share. 
To inspire. 
To role model women following their creative pursuits. 
Express my passion. 
To lose myself in a world that doesn't share the same rules as the real world. 
To connect. 
To see and experience beyond my boundaries. 
To bring light and love to the world. 
To learn. 
To grow.
For fun. 
To spread happiness.
For hope. 

And while I may not be published. I may not be read widely except a few special people who've volunteered to read my manuscripts. I may not be compensated financially for my efforts.
But in many ways I am fulfilling my own reasons for writing. And that's something. That's reason enough.

Easkey says, "Surfing teaches us to fall." And the thrill of it gets me back up and out on the water. If I translate that to writing, as long as I've sat my seat in my chair, fingers to keyboard, and have written and revised each and every time I've fallen, or at least more days in the week than not, then I am doing it.
I am a writer.
And I am living my passion.
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