The Name Game

Sometimes names pop to mind like fizz in a soda, other times they were always there in our brains, waiting for their character to be born...and sometimes names are elusive. There.Just. Isn't. One. It can be frustrating. But it can also be fun. When I'm stuck, I've used the phone book, magazine mastheads, baby name websites, and have asked people to say the first name that comes to mind. (Usually that's a #fail.) But this oldie-but-goodie slash song that gets stuck in your head for days slash when you reveal to your children that you in fact know such nonsense will ask you to sing every single name they've ever heard in their entire lives. Ever. Ad nauseum. But this may just be what you need to get outta the name rut. Enjoy.

To see the lovely Shirley Ellis singing the Name Game, click here.
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