Twitter Hashtags for Writers

Sorting through the soup of Twitter hashtags can be tricky. Here, I've compiled a list of common and trending hashtags for writers. Some are labeled, some have links, and others are pretty self-explanatory. Did I miss any? Please add in the comments below. 

#Amquerying - As in I am querying. As in the brutal delightful process of condensing somewhere over fifty thousand words into a few short paragraphs. Get the support you need on Twitter...and also see The Girl with the Green Pen below. 

#Amrevising - See above, but exchange the condensing part to editing, revamping, etc. 

#Amwriting - This is on the top ten list of things to do ever. In my life. Did I say ever? You get the idea. 

#Askpub - From time to time industry professionals will answer your questions. 

#MGLitChat - Write middle grade? Hang with your peeps. Er, I mean tweeps.

#MSWL - Mansuscript Wish List. This is a PHENOMENAL hashtag where agents, yes, real live literary agents update what they dream about receiving in their inbox. Keep an eye on this one - there's often an update day complete with: 

#MSWLM - see above, but with video. Hilarity ensues. 

#PitchMadness - Stands for Pitch Madness hosted by the inimitable Brenda Drake. Check out the deets there. It's a game where agents vie for pitches. Uh. Huh.  

#PitMad - See above and below, except it happens on Twitter. Yup. Meaning it only involves 140 characters or less. 

#PitchWars - Similar to the above contest, but involves mentors to help prep pitches for agents. Yep. Exciting and competitive. Good stuff with extremely generous people involved. 

#Queryday - The outstanding Taryn of The Girl with the Green Pen fame periodically receives and edits your queries. FOR FREE. She's amazing, talented, and super sweet. Check this out for helpful tips and to submit your query. 

#Twdtopic - Topic Tuesdays, fascinating subjects related to writing. Get in on this trending conversation. 

#WIPlines - Work In Progress lines, sentences, turns of phrase that JUMP off the page. Share. 

#Writeclub - (@FriNightWrites) This is SO fun. If you're idea of a fun Friday night involves sitting in front of a computer and making up stories, get yourself here at nine pm. Look for the timer, sprint (write) and then record your word count...and other things, but remember, the first rule of write club is...

#Write - Obvs. 

#Writers - Ditto. 

#Writersbutt - This one, I was hoping to invent, but as is the case for those of us afflicted, it was probably better it's already a hashtag. 

#Writetip - Tips, sometimes quotes, things you didn't realize you needed to know. 

#Writing - As in the process of...

#YA - Young adult.writing topics, novels, short stories, support, etcetera, etcetera. 

#YaContemporary - Navigating what contemporary means. Check out this great article from Stacked

#Yalit - Young Adult Literature. If you've made it this far, you probably know what Young Adult Literature is. I hope. 

#Yalitchat - Similar to above, but more of a discussion. 
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