And Some Thanks are in Order...

This is me writing an acknowledgements page for the hundreds of thousands of words I've logged in the form of stories, articles, blog posts, and thoughtful little ideas jotted down on scraps of paper for all the worlds I've yet to create.

For the past few years I've been lucky enough to have family and friends who support my writing endeavors. They routinely ask me, "So how'd it go today?" Or forget all together because some days it doesn't go so well, and it's better left alone. To these special people, I am so thankful for the flickers, bursts, and long stretches of time to actually write, to explore my heart's desire, to design worlds, erect three dimensional characters out of paper and words against the bright background of my computer screen. I appreciate the enthusiastic offers too read the rough copies of my manuscripts and welcome their honest feedback.

In doing this thing called writing fiction, in middle grade, young adult, and even adult/NA, I've connected with other writers, readers, and supporters of the craft who inspire me, push me to be a better writer and storyteller, to link another word and another, even when I don't readily know what they'll be, I trust that they'll come. On blogs, Twitter, in contests, and forums you've all taught me so much about technique, grammar, and the art of story crafting, but mostly about myself.

This Thanksgiving there are handfuls —mountains,  heaps, and piles—of things I am grateful for and ones I get to wrap my arms around, but here, in this space, I am simply thankful for the connections the words make with the people I know and see everyday to the ones who're real living beings behind a thumbnail photo or avatar. To everyone who's helped shape my writing journey, I offer thanks.
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