The mustache craze that I simply do not understand aside (kids and mugs and well, ALL of the things with mustaches,) I'm an especially big fan of the imperial style. It says so much without uttering a word. (I recently used this for a particularly dastardly character in my recent MG) and the handle bar is a fave (my husband had one for a long time. When it became a fad he grew the red beard, which I almost like more, but I digress.)

Anyway, I'm not sure what kind of moustache/mustache I would grow if I could (although when I don't use excessive amounts of sunblock I get an unfortunate spot of melasma above my upper lip which even my children have commented looks like a mustache, so in the summer, I'm like the bearded mustached lady. I think I would like to grow a moustache, I prefer that UK spelling, yet, I digress again.

What I really want to discuss is the the Movember movement to raise awareness for men's health (I've spent SO much time focusing on women's health, I thought I'd give the fellas their due.) The idea is raising awareness,  funds, and proving outreach for testicular and prostate cancer and mental health. Getting involved ranges from participating in charity events—like the mustache dache, raising money, awareness, joining a team on campus or in the workplace, even Tom's shoes and loads of other brands are involved.

The values are solid and everyone is included because like with any health challenges the lives of loved ones are always impacted. We ladies are called Mo Sistas and there are loads of ways we can be involved and support our guys.

How do you Mo, let me know. Please leave a comment & tweet about it #movemeber. 
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