Pitch Wars #PimpMyBio

This autumn has been chock full of contests, but never have I experienced such excited fervor and cut-throat competition as in Pitch Wars, I guess the name does say it all. If you're wondering what it's all about, check out Brenda Drake's blog (a great resource for writers, by the way.)

In a nutshell, experienced authors, editors, etc. volunteer (or are they specially chosen like in the Goblet of fire? I actually don't know) to mentor one champion writer and their "Pitch," that being the query for their middle grade, young adult, or new adult query and the first five pages. Ultimately the mentor and mentee work together in preparation for the big push—pitching agents. Hilarity, hijinks, and hard work ensues. Sometimes it involves snowballs and others, very sharp teeth. 

In the spirit of good fun, and if any mentors are curious about just what they're getting into when they select a a mentee and their work, a blog hop was created hashtagged (yes I just used that as a verb, I'm not sure that's acceptable) on twitter as #PimpMyBio...Also, there's my more formal bio above. Here are a few things about me.

1. I believe in a sense of humor, not taking oneself too seriously, (except when it comes to burning the midnight oil and working hard on an MS) and laughing. Alot. 

2. I've cast the net wide along my writing path, starting with young adult, dabbling  in middle grade, and taking a chance on new adult. I've enjoyed each and every category (and subsequent genre within.) For the purposes of this contest, I've submitted a young adult contemporary fantasy. Yeah, I didn't know what that meant either, until recently. In layman's terms, a book targeted at teens and on up (because let's be honest, I'm well beyond my teens and read young adult literature. My nonagenarian grandfather would tell me I'm a young person, but yanno.) Also, the contemporary portion indicates it's set in modern times, but the fantasy piece suggests there's magic at work. (Mentors, please ignore my generous use of parenthesis and explanation, of course you know what it all means.)

3. I don't eat sugar, or gluten, or meat. What I said in number one, I know. The sugar and gluten is for health reasons, believe me I'd love to dig right into the seven kinds of pie described in A GIRL CALLED DEATH (What? Pie in a book with death in the title?!) Alas, it's better for me to manage my health than indulge, however this month I will be posting sugar & gluten free holiday treats that I've concocted...And yes, they're palatable. I've had sugar-eaters and gluten lovers alike test them out. But I have been known to devour "virtual chocolate" when sent during times of duress by a twitter friend. I drink/eat a lot of green (smoothies.)

4. I love to surf. My heart belongs to the ocean (and my family of course!) But it is one of the biggest joys in my life and super fun (possibly counteracts the restrictions I've experienced in my diet. Scratch that, I just love to do it.)

5.  Cats AND dogs. I don't go one way or the other. *Shrugs.* I just love 'em all. Big animal person here. I'm also fond of owls, cows, chickens, elephants, whales, wolves, polar bears, penguins, turkeys, etc. I was the kid who wanted to save ALL the critters. Still am. 

There you have it. A few fun tidbits about me. Thanks for reading and my fingers are crossed for a mentor of my own...but that's making it hard to type, So...

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