14 Writing Wishes for 2014

Looking forward into the New Year, the following are fourteen goals I have for the next twelve months, building off what I learned about myself and my relationship to writing in 2013. 

1. Capture voice and plot in a pitch. I'll be posting about that soon. 

2. Revise A GIRL CALLED DEATH, a Kali myth retelling. 

3. Update my projects page (see above.)

4. Remember the importance of refueling. Rest, sleep, nourishment, hobbies, meditation. I have to remember to step aside from writing and recharge my batteries. This gives me more fuel when I step back to the page,  er keyboard.

5. Go to more author events/readings/releases. 

6. Network and build my platform via social media (especially my blog and Pinterest, which are sometimes neglected) and continue connecting via twitter and Instagram. (And in person. Obvs.)

7. Master grammar. 

8. Expand my connections to other writers and readers. 

9. Hone my queries.

10. Be even more patient.

11. Weave rainbows into my sentences. 

12. Blog about what I've been learning at my desk more consistently. 

13. Promote other authors and writers in this art form. We need one another's support! 

14. Publish in some format. I've been chasing this dream longer than some, but shorter than most and would like to bring my words to readers this year. 

"My ideas usually come not at my desk writing, but in the midst of living." -Anais Nin

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