To the Sea has a Shop

Because I love to be extravagant (actually, only my husband would claim this is true, I deny it! Deny it!) I got all crafty and created several items to complement the novel, To the Sea (coming soon, like really soon! Stay tuned :)

Okay, I also really wanted this stuff for myself, because well, my other half would also claim I love stuff—the shinier, prettier, beachier the better! (Although my kids might disagree when I make them clean their rooms...anyway, I digress. I do that alot, and I admit it.)

I also thought readers would love to have access to these lovely goodies so I created a 'lil shop on Etsy. 

If clicking the banner doesn't work, please click here to link up with Words, Waves & Wonder

I'd love for you to check it out, add as a favorite, and I'm all ears for feedback!


P.S. And if you've read this far, there's going to be a BIG surprise tomorrow regarding all those things you saw at the shop AND more!

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