When I started my writing journey there was no Twitter or social media to speak of. It was all kinds of analog and have the notebooks to prove it. But flash forward a couple light years and here we are in the twenty-first century, and we're all about communication. I love it and hate and love it. But that first "love it" is due to the supportive, encouraging and outstanding writing community.

Back in the dark ages when I wrote down my stories with a piece of coal in my dank cave, I understood writing to be solitary act and space on the bookshelf a cutthroat fight to the death. (This was the prehistoric era, after all.) But as the sun shines and coffee is plentiful (at least for non-cave dwellers) becoming an author means connection, encouragement, community, support, conversation, sharing, and cheer-leading. It's pretty awesome, yes?

As a semi-recent convert to Twitter, I've found this to be true and more. There are fantastic writers and creatives sharing ideas, joking, promoting each other's work, swapping fantastic articles that I didn't realize I had to read, blogging, pioneering independence, and shaping a new kind of author-hood.The Twitter friends are laugh inducing, thought provoking, and inspiring. In so many ways, the community on Twitter has helped shape the author I've become, and I'm so grateful.

As an extension of my appreciation and as a way to share and preserve this great source information, I'm creating a new Twitter hashy to use when Tweeting anything writer related. It's a general meme, but can be used in combination with other writerly hashtags such as #amwriting #amediting, and this big list. This way, all the knowledge can be accessed from one hashtag feed on Twitter if a writer is looking for tips, reminders, editing pointers, inspiring quotes, WIP updates, support, basically anything that might help our fellow writers, authors, and creatives. This helps us build our community even stronger. So, when you post a tweet about writing—whatevs, use #twriters and spread the wealth of knowledge you have and encourage your fellow key-clicking, scribbling, story-writing artists!

Hunga bunga hi he ha? That's cave speak for, ya got it? 

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