Ocean's Deep Boxed Set Cover Reveal!


I'm so excited to share this with you all. As you probably know, the ocean, waves, surfing, mermaids!!! are all near and dear to my heart. Ahem, I wrote To the Sea and Surfaced after all (and pledged 5% of my profits from both of them to Surfrider...) But this is big, huge, vast as the Pacific...I present:

 We're so excited to share the amazing cover for the Oceans Deep Box Set. Isn't it pretty???? Please be sure to add the box set to your TBR list on Goodreads. To learn more about each of the authors, please click on their name on Goodreads, or above. Keep track of the project on our tumblr: ocean-books.tumblr.com

Box Set Square

OCEANS DEEP Twelve Young Adult romance novels that celebrate sun, sea and love to support World Oceans Day 2014. As authors, we know while the facts can change people’s minds, fiction can change their hearts. The proceeds from this box set will benefit World Oceans Day, an organization dedicated to celebrating the ocean and encouraging people to really think about what the oceans mean to them. Comprised of young adult romances in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, contemporary and mythology, the books all have one thing in common: they leave readers more in love with the ocean than they were before. Together we can help ocean conservation efforts, one word, one page, one story at a time.


It's so pretty! I love what these amazing writers are doing and ask you to support their endeavor to bring awareness and conservation to our world's oceans. Be sure to add the set to your TBR & check out what the authors are working on. 

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