The Chatter

Today feels quiet and reflective; maybe it's the the blanket of clouds hanging so low I wonder if I stretch, stretch, stretch I can touch them. Perhaps it's that I've been writing, writing, writing so much my mind is like, "Hey, let's be still for a breath." Or it could have something to do with the Scorpio moon or simply so much movement in my life. Whether it's all of that or none of it, I'll slip into this space of quiet stillness, at least for now, and see where it takes me, or as mystical-alchemical-emotional things go, maybe I'll just listen.

And a little writerly those who've signed up for Team Bliss- I'm so excited to share goodies and words and bookish delight with you. If you're interested in being a part of this great team of book lovers, fans of contemporary romance, and wonderful gals, please click here for sign-up info and everything you need to know! 

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