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In Between Seasons IS HERE! Scroll down for an excerpt too! 

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Show n'ot Tell Publishing Presents:


In 2021 the world as we know it changed. The government collapsed, and the worst characteristics of human nature were shown as the world fell into ruins. Years after The Fall, the Tribes that were established are still at war. They still fight to keep what they pillaged, and most of all, they fight to keep their lies a secret. In a world filled with deception, nothing is as it seems. I was born into this world. Hunter Marks was molded into this world; a General— a person cold and harsh. A person meant to kill me. We were told to just believe. We were taught to never question. We’re supposed to be robots, and accept our roles in this altered society. Too bad Hunter and I don’t follow the rules. And we’re a hell of a lot stronger than they ever thought possible. They’ve been searching for the world’s deadliest weapon. It’s me. And I’m not following the leader any more. [youtube]
ExcerptI would have given him everything. I would have melded every part of me into him. My breath caught in my throat. I already had. Love hadn’t existed in this world. Only hate, deceit and lies, but by letting him in I’d let all of that crumble. By letting me in he’d done the same, and now we were engaged in an even deadlier game than before. We weren’t enemies as we had been born to be. We weren’t friends as we had come to be. Then what were we? I let my hands run through my hair as I clasped my eyes shut even tighter. We were cursed.

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about the author

Cassandra doesn't remember a time when she wasn't writing. In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel. Since then Cassandra has written more novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin. Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character's stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening. Besides being a writer, Cassandra is a professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and they live in the rolling hills of New England their dogs, Bubski and Kanga. Cassandra Giovanni is published by Show n’ot Tell Publishing based out of Connecticut, USA.

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In the Desert - Moody Mood Board

Kinda-sorta maybe like Brighton. Maybe a bit more rock -n - roll. 

The pin puns and plays on words don't get old. Really.

If you'd like a glimpse into some images that inspired, influenced, and influenced the characters, places, and themes in In the Desert, have a look at the "mood board" I created as I outlined, wrote, and drafted.

I've created boards on Pinterest for the Follow your Bliss novels, not because those images are exactly what I had in mind for x, y, z, nor are they intended to put an image in the reader's mind and erase whatever they had there shaped by words and description. I like making these boards because it helps evoke an atmosphere while I'm writing and puts me back into the frame of mind of the story. Authors don't write in a vacuum, I mean, I do have a "cave," but the phone still rings, the laundry timer still dings, and dang it if Brighton's guitar riff sounds like that cacophony.

So here you go. I hope you enjoy!

Pinterest board & post for To the Sea.

Pinterest board & post for To the Sea.

In the Desert Playlist

Some of the tunes I listened to while writing In the Desert.

Franz Ferdinand // The Fallen
Who // Going Mobile
Pink Floyd // Fearless
Jane's Addiction // Strays
The Distillers // Gallows is God
Tom Petty // Learning to fly
Fiona Apple // Not about love
Ben Cocks // Your Firefly
Jetta // Start a Riot
Eagles of Death Metal // Solid Gold
Led Zeppelin // Misty Mountain Hop
Lorde // Glory & Gore
Queens of the Stone Age // I sat by the ocean


Road Trippin'

Even though I'm back home, I'm still feeling inspired by the wind in my hair and the stereo cranked after an epic road trip (though with slightly more direction and less drama than Brighton and Alex's adventure.) 

Happy Summer! 

In The Desert



Feeling like a freebird. 

Life, lately, feels like a Tilt-a-Whirl: exhilerating, topsy-turvy, unnerving, the glimpse of a vista from the heights, and the coasting ahhh as I dip and bob back up. Incredible really, as it should be. In the last few weeks I've traveled coast-to-coast, realized dreams, questioned some, and stood resolutely (and barefoot) on a mountain top, and in the sand as waves crashed around my ankles, the sun like crushed-crystal sparkling in the water. I've laughed and cried, gained and lost. It's been beautiful and tremendous and ground breaking

As the dust begins to settle, I see the path that has brought me to this moment, with more clarity than ever. Inhale. Exhale. In exactly one month, the novella, Mirrored, the follow-up to In the Desert (Book 2 in the Follow your Bliss series) hits bookshelves. I didn't have to give a kid with blistering acne and the only the hint of reflection behind dull eyes a couple tickets for this ride. I'm on it, willfully, buckled in, hands aloft. Whee! 

An aside, those were my favorite sunnies and they broke the other day. Boo hoo. 

With that in mind, I'm revving up for the Mirrored launch with 3 goodies:

1. I'm giving away a digital copy of In the Desert on Grown Up Fan Girl along with a guitar pick necklace and a couple other surprises. 

2. Surfaced, the short-story novella companion for To the Sea (Book 1 in the Follow your Bliss series) is FREE on Amazon all weekend. 

3. The second chapter of In the Desert is up on Wattpad for your reading pleasure. 

I'd love to hear from you, find out what you're liking about the Follow your Bliss series, what you want more of, or talking about books in general. What's on your summer reading list? What story do I have to happily lose an afternoon to while lounging on the beach? Do tell! 



Penned Mobile
When I started out on this writing journey, I just had a mechanical pencil (they stay sharp!) and a notebook. Over time, I click-clacked away, translating my stories into word docs on my laptop, and then ultimately into tightly formatted pdfs, epub files, etc. Don't ask me, I still don't know what those acronyms mean, but I do know that they help get my work into the hands of readers—connecting and weaving our narratives together being the purpose of this endeavor and all.

More recently I've also been introduced to some other mediums, like the app, Penned. It is not at all obscure in its meaning.

To borrow from the site:

tell your story

Read & Share Fiction, Truth and Opinion

  • Compose 2000 word stories on your iPhone
  • Create chapters to form a book or blog
  • Read & follow other writers
  • Comment & share
Don't mind if I do!

Sonia Chopra (PR) contacted me recently and asked me try Penned out, and boy howdy, am I glad I did! Penned is the brainchild of CEO Brian Sanders, and it is a writer's dream, in that the interface is EASY-peasy, and the community is wonderful!

I added the first chapter of my recently released rock-n-romance In the Desert. Navigating the how-to was simple on my iPhone and discovering and bookmarking stories that I'd like to read is no trouble at all.

Writers and readers, I recommend you check out Penned!

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