In the Desert - Moody Mood Board

Kinda-sorta maybe like Brighton. Maybe a bit more rock -n - roll. 

The pin puns and plays on words don't get old. Really.

If you'd like a glimpse into some images that inspired, influenced, and influenced the characters, places, and themes in In the Desert, have a look at the "mood board" I created as I outlined, wrote, and drafted.

I've created boards on Pinterest for the Follow your Bliss novels, not because those images are exactly what I had in mind for x, y, z, nor are they intended to put an image in the reader's mind and erase whatever they had there shaped by words and description. I like making these boards because it helps evoke an atmosphere while I'm writing and puts me back into the frame of mind of the story. Authors don't write in a vacuum, I mean, I do have a "cave," but the phone still rings, the laundry timer still dings, and dang it if Brighton's guitar riff sounds like that cacophony.

So here you go. I hope you enjoy!

Pinterest board & post for To the Sea.

Pinterest board & post for To the Sea.
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