And then there were FOUR

It's just about time to send Mirrored into the world; the follow-up to the rock and roll romance, In the Desert, and Book Four in the Follow your Bliss series. 

I have to admit I am as excited this time as I was my the first, second, and third forays into the publishing world. 

Mirrored was a joy to write, a bit heart wrenching, and angering at times, but I've come to adore Alex and Brighton and delighted in discovering where their story led. 

There's music, (obvi,) travel, adventure, car chases, graffiti, smooching, and Alex's rainy day eyes that I just can't get enough of. 

Mirrored can be enjoyed without having read the previous books in the Follow your Bliss series, but if you want to deepen and enrich your experience into the surf-rock-mayhem filled world that happens when twenty-somethings get out their and live their lives, you're in for a treat with:

Come back in a few days for the COVER REVEAL!!!

Stay tuned for On the Mountain and Kindled, hitting cyber & wooden shelves in October & December.
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