Flash! Mirrored Release Day

I poured a lot of love and angst into In the Desert, a rock and roll romance that unfolds along an epic road trip...

And now, the follow-up that traces Alex and Brighton's relationship overseas can be yours!

Also, Mirrored, is told from Alex's rock and roller perspective...check it out!

Title: In the Desert
Book Three in the Follow your Bliss Series
(Can also be read as a stand-alone)
Author: Deirdre Riordan Hall
Release Date: June, 17, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Age Group: New Adult

Available on Amazon

---A sneak peek---
Alex pulled Brighton into an alcove, protected from the rain. She pressed in against him, their faces inches apart. 

“Why would you need a brolly, if you have me?” he said. 

The way he said brolly made more laughter tickle her tongue, but the question, the offer, of having him, made it fade on her lips.

“Do I have you?” she asked. Her throat tightened at the possibility that the relief from loneliness she yearned for may or may not be found in him.

“Do you want me?”
His breath smelled like wine and mint and shelter.

Her pulse quickened. She’d never wanted anyone more in her life. She fought her way to his lips. They were out of the rain, but somehow her face was damp as another secret found its way to the surface.

“I have something for you,” Alex whispered.

His sexy voice was magnified against the backing track of the rain. He’d already given her so much. She had everything she wanted snugged tight into that hidden little alcove.

He dug his hand into his pocket, his hips pressing up against hers in the small space. He pulled out a guitar pick. “For you,” he said placing the vinyl chip in her hand.

On one side, it was printed with a series of numbers: 50.8429˚N, 0.1313˚. She breathed in his crooked smile.

“Coordinates if you ever get lost again.” 

She turned the guitar pick over in her hand. On the other side, it had the date in July when they’d met along with the word always.

“In case you ever forget.”

They kissed, never wanting to forget that moment before stealing back through the sopping streets, the glare of headlights and streetlamps guiding their steps in the inky night. 

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