On the Mountain Cover Reveal

The months and weeks leading up to a book release is an elastic time. It seems to bounce and spring of its own accord. Then during the days leading up to the big book birthday, I feel time get really taut like a rubber band, pulling back, back, back and then woosh, away we go on a wild ride: up, down, and all around with excitement and anxiety. 

(((think waking up in the middle night because there may or may not be a comma after a particular sentence that I'd been working on. chances are i remembered it. i mean, why wouldn't i? it's like making sure the coffee maker is off. no, i don't drink coffee, but still. i convince myself it's there. but it is too late to check.))) 

Other anxieties surface too, will readers like it? Was I fair and true to my characters? And what about the cover? 

Yeah, what about the cover? 

Well, we have all waited patiently for the book art that graces that stiff, shiny front page (or screen) of my new adult contemporary, On the Mountain. You've seen some teasers, hopefully they've been pleasers, and now I'll get on with it and finally show you the cover for ON THE MOUNTAIN. 


If  you'd like to give ON THE MOUNTAIN a read, check out the pretty back cover below and read the blurb. It would be great to add it to your Goodreads To-be-Read list...that way it won't get lost in your stack o' books. 

And the back of course!

Thanks and please, let me know whatcha think!

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