On the Mountain Teaser #2, an Excerpt & a Free Book

Meet Trace. He has a past that he's not willing to share, among other things, but as days stretch into weeks and into months on the mountain, Baskia and Trace get to know each other, well. Find out how it turns out when the novel, On the Mountain, releases 

Tuesday, October, 14th. 

Will they or won't they? Does Baskia accept or reject her new life and the people in it? Does Trace have what it takes to be honest and present? 


"Like the water in the lake, his eyes were clear, despite the heat and row of empty beer bottles. They were the exact color of an exotic spice she couldn’t recall the name of, but had to throw toward the camera during a shoot in Morocco. His hair, his motorcycle, his voice was as all-American as they come, but there was also something about him that was just out of reach, mysterious and off-limits. She wanted it." 


 If you'd like to check out another title from the Follow your Bliss series, 
Surfaced, is FREE today! 

Remember, each book stands alone or the series can be read in order for a deeper reading experience. 

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