Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Monumental On the Mountain Giveaway!

So here we are, the last full-length book in the Follow your Bliss, semi-series. I say semi, because all the books, from To the Sea (book 1) to Kindled (book 6—coming out in December—just in time for the holidays. You won't even believe what kind of goodies I have in store for that!) can be read on their wee lonesome. Meaning, you don't have to read the others to enjoy the story. Or you could have a book reading bonanza and read 'em all. Or, ya know, pick away at them over the cool months, letting the love scenes warm you up!

For this occasion, I am offering up, a signed paperback of On the Mountain, a book mark, a lovely XO necklace inspired by a scene in the novel, and some more book swag goodies from the other titles in the Follow your Bliss series. Wink, wink. I'm cheeky like that. 
Let's just say, 
I have an Etsy Shop and I'm not afraid to use it. 

Read on, tell your friends, and enter below. 


  1. Hallo, Hallo Ms. Sparks!

    :) Our paths have crossed with each other via Twitter for awhile now, and I never had the proper chance to visit your site! :( By a happy coincidence, my first coincides with your bookaway! The design of the necklace has truth in simplicity & I love the silver against the turquoise! :) I signed up for your newsletter as I'd like to keep more in the know about your novels & not be so out of touch! :( I always like finding out about who follows me & who I follow on Twitter -- makes it feel more personal than just the numerological updates! lol Miss chatting with you, but I can see why you've been so busy this Summer! Congratulations on the new release & congratulations on the nice photography featured on your book covers! Wow. I even like the half-illusion of how you phased out the images for "On the Mountain" - quite clever! Cheers!