On the Mountain Pin Board

I do believe On the Mountain's Pinterest board was one of my first. I easily collected imagery to inspire my writing as the story unfolded. Want to see some of what inspired me? 

I write with an outline, but I also follow the story. Sometimes it's like a trickling stream, other times like a raging river, but I always let let it flow on its own. There is always the outline to return to, to keep me on point. the pins I collected on Pinterest to keep me mindful of the overall ethos and vibe of the story, not to mention it works to remind me what my hotties look like, not that that is tough to do. 

I'm a casual pinner, except when it comes researching novels and I'd love to connect with you there. When not wearing my writing cap, I do many ordinary and extraordinary things like cooking, crafting, and plotting my next great adventure. 

(Psst. Some of the On the Mountain board might give you a wee hint at what could possibly be coming next in Kindled, the novella companion.) 
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