If I don't call or write, it's because I'm writing...

For the last couple years, a world wide web phenomenon has caught my attention: NaNoWriMo... 

Naked Northerners Wriggling Mopeds? 
Nary Nobody Wringing Monkeys? 
Nabbed Nocturnal Wrist Mops. 

No. None of that makes sense, but National Novel Writing Month does, kinda, if you're crazy with the keyboard. I'm certified. I write fast. I get into a zone and flow. Having long stretches of uninterrupted time works best for me, so with the holidays, the littles having more than a few days off this month, and other writerly responsibilities, I'm feeling totally confident I can pull this off.  Said me. Never. But I'm polishing off my best Bwa ha ha ha and am ready to go all in.

I have an abundance of ideas floating in my head, drafted on paper, and outlined, ready to go, so I don't necessarily need to have an appointed event to crank out 50K. I do that on my own, every month is National Writing Month. What got me on board is the camaraderie, the we're doing this together mentality, changing the world one word at a time, and uniting, with arms lifted in victory, for creatives everywhere. 

There was a time when people didn't have the right or the ability to tell their stories, in some places this is still true. I signed on as an act of true authorship, to demonstrate that not just one or ten or a hundred people can unite to write, but we're thousands, maybemillions strong and whether only our computer screens ever see our our words and truths, they're out there, out of us and onto the page. It's revolutionary.

The manuscript I'll be starting is called Chasing Days. A young adult novel about a girl during the last weeks of high school and sexual awakening. I have a strong outline ready like a boss. Sorta. (I'm actually trembling like those autumn leaves outside.) But if I don't do this now, will I put it off? Will I keep Willa's story locked inside? Are there girls and guys, mothers and fathers, who need to understand themselves, their kids, and share in the common human experiences of confusion about normal and questions about what's next. These years float by faster than I ever imagined. I figure I should give it a shot and if I fall short, at least I'm a few more chapters along than I was when I started, which is to say, zero. 

So wish me luck. If you're participating in NaNoWriMo, let's link up! || I'm deirdrespark || You can also follow my word count progress, which I find incredibly satisfying. 

If you have no fluffing clue what all this gibberish is...and maybe, in the attic of your heart you once, maybe twice, had the idea that you'd like to write a book, NaNoWriMo is an amazing, supportive, full-throttle way to get started. Deets here. 

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