Happy Seasons!

A Christmas Merry to you I wish!
It really is... "that time of year, when the world falls in love..." 

In love with gratitude, with the smell of pine, obscene amounts of cookies, our relatives' obnoxious endearing qualities, twinkly lights, and of course the spirit of giving and togetherness. 

I want to thank you for joining me on this little online space while I pursue writing and have the opportunity to connect with readers through story. 

I wish you the merriest, jolliest, happiest of Christmas seasons and a stunning New Year! 

I'll be back in 2015 with a FREE novelette that brings the pasts and futures of the characters in the Follow your Bliss series into one sweet tale, involving wedding bells, beach bums, and romance, of course! 

...AND I'll announce something I've been practically bouncing off the walls, waiting to share. The only hint I'll give is this. Wink, wink. 


Alliances Cover Reveal Spectacular!

It's the Alliance cover reveal! 
This is a sequel in my indie author friend's Razia series...and today is the first time we get to see the cover! Read on for the blurb, to preorder a copy, check out a teaser, and enter the giveaway for your chance to win a copy!



Piracy is a Game. Whom do you trust?

Lyssa Peate has found a tenuous balance between her double lives - the planet-discovering scientist and space pirate bounty hunter named Razia. No longer on probation, Razia still struggles to be thought of as more than a chocolate-fetching joke, and Lyssa cant be truthful to those closest to her. But both lives are turned upside-down when feisty government investigator Lizbeth Carter shows up to capture the same pirate Razia is after.

Lizbeths not interested in taking Razias thunder; rather, she convinces the caustic bounty hunter to help solve a mystery. Somebodys hiring pirates to target government ships, and theres a money trail that doesnt make any sense. From the desert planet of D-882 to the capital city on S-864, the investigation leads them deeper and deeper into a conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the Universal Government - and to one of the most painful chapters in Lyssas past.

Pre-orders for Alliances will be available on Amazon Kindle begin January 1, 2015.

Double Life, Book 1 in the Razia Series, is available now on the following stores:


Source: http://www.susherevans.com/p/about_2.html

Check out more from author S. Usher Evans:


Alliances Chapter One Teaser:

The room was dark, with a single, dingy lamp hanging over a table where three men sat, each holding a hand of cards. They said little, except for the occasional grunt or movement to tap their grungy mini-computers to up their ante. The first sighed and rubbed the scruff around his chin. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and a lighter.

"You hear that Llendo is running for re-election?" he said, cigarette dangling from his mouth.

"What else is new?" The short, squatty man and whose toes barely brushed the floor, threw a few chips into the virtual pile using his mini-computer. "The guys a puppet. There aint nothinthat comes out of his mouth that aint been sent through the ringer about a million times."

The other two men chuckled and shuffled around their cards. The third man, with a long face and sallow complexion, pulled two more cards for his own hand and shuffled them together and apart again.

"But who else is there to vote for?" he asked, counting his cards and stacking them together again.   

"That general? You know that buffoon Peate works for him. He ain't getting my vote until I know he's gonna play along."

The second shrugged and said, "Nobodyd vote for him in a million years."

"You and your millions." The third rolled his eyes. "Everything you say has been done a million times."

"Bah, can it," the first barked. "And hurry up and make your move."

"I'm taking my time. Don't want to get fleeced again," the third said. "You're all a bunch of crooks."

"Takes one to know one." The second man peered at his cards through a pair of thick glasses, hunched over.

"I am retired," the first man said, sitting back and taking a long drag of his cigarette. "None of that piracy crap for me anymore. Getting too dangerous for me."

"Gonna break a nail?" the second snorted. "Bad enough you got that girl. Whatsherface."

"I hear she's doing all right," the third said. "Kidnapped Jukin Peate's brother and held him for ransom last year."

"And what's she done since then?" the second said.

"More than you've done."

"I'm just saying, it's unnatural to have a woman out with the men," the first said. He paused for a moment and began to smile. "Although I can't say I hate seeing her scamper around '882."

"Shame she doesn't wear tighter pants," the second said. "I seen pictures. She wears these baggy things. I bet if she wore something that made her look like a girl, she wouldn't even have to fight nobody."

"She could come capture me any day of the week. I don't care what she looks like," the third said. "I'd lay down and let her do whatever she wanted to me."

"Care to test that theory?"

The three looked up sharply at the sound of a distinctly female voice in the doorway.

"Hey, hey," the first man said, standing up. "We don't want no trouble. We're retired here, lady."

"You are," Razia said, stepping into the light with a smirk on her face. She turned her eyes on the third man in the room. "He isn't."

Good luck! 


Kindled Release Day!

Happy Holidays! 

I’m so very thankful to you readers and Team Bliss. Thank you for helping ferry the Follow your Bliss series all this way. It’s been quite a journey! 
Today, I hope we can all pour a cup of tea, wrap up in an afghan, and relax and read Kindled

Oh, and enter to win the giveaway, including ALL the books PLUS an awesome MUG here! *SorryUS ONLY
a Rafflecopter giveaway

As a bonus, On theMountain is FREE today, grab your copy and catch up on the Wes, Baskia, Maisy, and Mellie saga!

 Happy reading!
P.S. Check in soon for a BIG Follow your Bliss surprise! 


Kindled Super Santa Giveaway!

It’s the holiday season. 
I'm feeling thankful and by default, generous. 

 Check out the Follow your Bliss series and enter to win ALL the things. 

Like to read about heartbreak and redemption? 
Lust and love? 
Honesty and angst? 
Feeling stuck and finding freedom? 

 The prize pack includes Kindle copies of all six books:

And this mug, straight from the pages of the novel. It's perfect for filling with tea, cocoa, or coffee and curling up with your favorite Follow your Bliss book. 

Enter here...and have a happy, merry!
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Kindled Cover Reveal

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.
The air is crisp and fresh.
We cozy up around the fire.
The smells of cooking and baking fill the kitchen.
There’s cocoa, of course.
We gleam and sparkle as we prepare to celebrate.
Friends and family gather.
'Tis the season.
And then everything falls apart…

Reality? Yes. Fiction? Also, yes.

And I have the Christmas novella, Kindled to share with you this season…along with the Cover Reveal! 

And like Sparky, in National Lampoon’s Christmas, when he plugs the lights in...
Blam, here it is!

Ready to get your copy of Kindled? It launches in paperback and for Kindle Tuesday, September 9. Need to catch up on the Follow your Bliss series? Check out the previous novels here.
Also, get a copy of  book #2, In the Desert here and Mirrored is FREE on Amazon today!


Kindled Teaser

Eager for a little Bliss kiss action? 
Wondering what Wes is up to? 
Curious about how the Carters and Benedicts, along with the others celebrate? 
Longing to know whatever happened to London? 

Kindled, the last installation of the Follow your Bliss series has a little something for everyone: sweet, first times in love, depression and dysfunction, and an unforgettable Christmas surprise.

Check back as I countdown to Kindled’s release on Tuesday December 9 or sign up formy enewsletter to get on inside track but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek:

Wes reached for an unfinished glass of wine on the coffee table and chugged it. London leaned heavily on him, not afraid of taking up space, despite her slender body.

“The two of you lack a sense of humor.” Her words hung in the air. 

“I’m joking. You’re supposed to laugh. You both look terrified. I don’t bite. Usually. This is all very quaint, and I’m glad to be here on this wondrous Christmas Eve holiday, seriously, this place is like picture perfect.” She sighed. “I just hoped I’d have an accomplice.”

Wes found his voice. “What, dare I ask, do you need an accomplice for?”

Please add Kindled to your Goodreads TBR and connect on my author page. 

And >>> the first two books in the Follow your Bliss series, To the Sea & Surfaced, are FREE on Amazon today TOMORROW. Santa's elves got the dates wrong. Oops. Apologies. 'Tis the season.


Wes Carter is coming to town! The fictional character in a novella, that is...

Christmas comes early for the Follow your Bliss* series readers with the On the Mountain companion novella, Kindled. I’m excited to share that the final book in the FYB series releases Tuesday December 9, 2014.

In On the Mountain, we followed Baskia Benedict from her posh life in New York City as she escaped uncertainty to the rural mountains of Vermont. She left behind fear of failure and rejection and gained courage and resilience along with hooking up with a hottie named Trace, and befriending ruggedly handsome Wes, both of whom had secrets to spare. She also learned to cook, was adopted by the locals, and found a way to thrive even in the shadow of uncertainty. And did I mention Wes? My favorite underdog...er, um, very manly hunka, I mean. Gah! Well...he gets his own book! Kindled!

This holiday season, readers get to cozy up with Wes: the wood-splitting, fire-stoking, fella who burns for Baskia’s bestie Mellie. There’s family dysfunction, pies and cookies galore, and a spectacle in ice sure to warm your heart in this little novella, wrapped up in ribbon.

Stay tuned for ALL the FYB* prezzies, including a teaser and sneak peek, the cover reveal, discount days for the other novels in the Follow your Bliss series, and a MASSIVE giveaway.

Make your season bright by adding Kindled to your Goodreads TO BE READ list and join my mailing list to receive author updates and exclusive info in the coming year. 

*All the books in the Follow your Bliss series can be read alone. However, I recommend reading each full-length novel and then following up with the companion novellas for a richer reading experience that dives deeper into the character’s stories. The three full-lengths: To the Sea, In the Desert, and On the Mountain overlap and story lines intersect, but they are intended to work as stand-alones as well.


One Song Away Release Day!

I'm so excited to share with you the release of author Molli Moran's novel: 
One Song Away
Do  you love the cover? I love the cover, it's so sweet! 
Below. find the synopsis, the links to get your own copy, enter the giveaway, and find out all the details to read reviews, an excerpt, and more!


She needs a fill-in boyfriend. He needs a favor. It’s the perfect, no-strings arrangement until they both realize it’s too real…

Sophie-Claire Wright’s life is like a bad country song on repeat. She keeps running into her cheating ex, her songwriting career isn't taking off, and her roommate just kicked her out of their apartment. With nothing to lose, she decides to do the one thing she said she’d never do: she moves back home. She left her small Southern town with big dreams, but now she’s going home with empty pockets.

Life moves at a slower pace in Sophie’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it hometown, but her well-meaning, matchmaking mama doesn't have a slow gear. Sophie invents a boyfriend to hold off her mother’s efforts, but she’s out of luck when her mom wants to meet him. Sophie panics until she runs into Jake Cooper. Her high school crush (and former best friend) is back in town, too, and when he asks her for a favor, she agrees...on one condition. He says he’ll be her fill-in boyfriend, so it should be simple: re-introduce him to her family and then “break up” with him after a few weeks.

Sophie is sure she’ll be able to resist Jake this time. Sure, she was in love with him years ago, but that was then. This is now, no matter how great he looks, or how she feels around him. But she didn't bargain for moments that feel all too genuine. Dates that don’t seem fake. Kisses that leave her shaken and wanting more. Sweet moments where she forgets they aren't really dating. And she didn't count on old feelings resurfacing and complicating their arrangement—which is starting to feel less like acting and more like the real deal.

Soon, Sophie can’t tell which kisses are real or fake, but she knows she’s in deep...and she thinks Jake is, too. When she gets a chance to go back to Nashville and chase her dreams again, she has a choice to make: stay or go? Continue hoping that the life she wants is one song away, or finally write her own song?

One Song Away: On Goodreads | On Amazon | On Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
My social media: Twitter | Facebook  | Instagram | Goodreads 

About Molli Moran

Molli is a Southern author who doesn't consider her day complete if she hasn't written. She loves coffee and talking fast, things she attributes to being raised by Gilmore Girls. She's a romantic at heart, and brings that to her books, which are usually about quirky characters chasing after their happily ever after. Although content when reading, she can often be found watching and flailing over Doctor Who, cuddling her various pets, or spending time with friends, family, or her girlfriend. Molli loves Oxford commas, country music, Stefan Salvatore, and scarves. 

...And, here's the giveaway!

P.S. Here's the One Song Away blog tour link, and schedule below. 
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