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When I started writing the Follow your Bliss series, it wasn't a series. What I mean is, To the Sea, the first book, was just that...a book. It was a single, a one off, a stand-alone story that I never meant to expand. In fact, it was the only book I wrote that fell into the New Adult category. Before that, I'd only written Young Adult novels (and a lot of them!) But I saw an opportunity, had a can do attitude, and went forth, into the frothing, wild, sea of self-publishing. 

As an indie, I ascended a steep learning curve with formatting and uploading and such and then, VOILA! I had myself a published book. There were a few flaws, a couple mehs, but mostly one big ocean-sized, dazzling sense joy and accomplishment. Oh, and also a real paperback and a true ebook. It felt tremendous. I was published! But as you know I didn't stop there...

An idea hatched from the seed of To the Sea in the form of On the Mountain and then Surfaced and then In the Desert and then Mirrored...and then one day in the car...THROUGH THE JUNGLE was born. 

Yes, I wrote them out of order. I'm a rebel and if you are too, you can read them out of order. I wrote The Follow your Bliss so each novel can all stand alone with unique characters, plots, and settings, but they're united by the shared aesthetic of recognizing obstacles, both inner and outward, and taking steps toward overcoming them, smashing through them, or dissolving them. Sometimes acceptance works too. It's an interesting recipe really, it's a one of a kind, if you think about it. Some of the characters intertwine and overlap; it's a small world, after all.

The point of all this is, I followed my bliss. I set forth on an uncertain path and persevered. There have been tremendous challenges and getting the ingredients just right has been tricky...But... 

Were they worth it? You betcha
Was it easy? Not all the time. 
I have learned and grown? Absolutely
Will I do it again? Maybe. 

I have more in store in the novels department. There is no shortage of stories swimming in my mind, outlines ready to become drafts, and drafts ready for some spit-shine. 


This year of following my bliss—pursuing my long held dream to become a published author—has resulted in a publishing deal with Skyscape publishing. (A dream team of amazing editors, I shall gush and gush some more!) 

About that recipe for bliss-dom? 

The exact quantities are different for everyone, but keep these items in your writer-ly pantry:

diligence, patience, courage, and compassion 

A serendipitous combination of the above, plus the eyes of an editor who saw promise in a story about a girl, chocolate, a boy and a bike (the motorized kind), has resulted in... 
a young adult contemporary novel, this coming June. Yes! I know! Gah! (There's confetti everywhere!) I can hardly wait that long. It's been an incredible process with an outstanding group of editors and designers, and I can't wait to tell you more. Check back here soon!  

But today...I present the cover for Through the Jungle!


Grab your copy of Through the Jungle. It's FREE and always will be. I want to thank you readers for joining me on this bliss-journey and give you a little something more to take you deeper into the lives of the FyB characters.

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Through the Jungle follows your favorite Follow your Bliss characters before they concocted that magical recipe for happiness and then after, culminating in an unforgettable weekend that concludes the story of Kira, Ian, Alex, Brighton, Baskia & Trace. Through the Jungle is my way of saying thank you for supporting me in following my dreams, and I hope you do too!

Oh, and stay tuned for the Follow your Bliss BOX SET with the complete set of all SIX Follow your Bliss books!

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