Sweet Indulgence

It's almost February! I know, I know, time marches on, but holy cricket 2015, slow down! February! Ack! 

I know Valentine's Day isn't everyone's favorite holiday (in fact, I wrote a fun anti-v-day scene in one of my novels) but I happen to love the holiday, the frills, the lace, the doilies...not so much the rampant consumerism, but Pinterest always has some unique DIY ideas for decorations, thoughtful gestures, and there's also the good, old fashioned bouquet of flowers, whether you have a valentine or not, be your own. I've been known to buy myself a bunch of blooms from time to time. Oh...and I forgot chocolate. Have a piece for me! PLEASE! 

Hallmark moments aside, I am all for having a day to recognize and celebrate LOVE! In an ideal world—or a work of fiction—we'd make grand gestures to our nearest and dearest (including ourselves) EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. But reality. So, yes, I'm all for a little Saint Valentine's in my life. This year especially, because I've collaborated with some wonderful authors to create Sweet Indulgence.

Here you have it, a sweet, new adult, clean steam collection of love stories (also a goose, high school crushes, music, surfing, and more!) All the novels are included in one box set.

Sweet Indulgence includes: 

All 5 books are just .99¢ on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. What's extra special about this is all the proceeds are going to The American Heart Association! You can't beat that. (Sorry, I had to.)

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