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I was recently contacted by Wattpad, the social media site for writers and readers. Yes, I was appropriately flattered. In fact, I have a dance for such occasions. No, you may not see it. *Note, never let the glow of kindness go unnoticed. They asked if I'd be interested in having In the Desert included on their Featured List. Everything suddenly got all shiny and sunny-like.

Would I? You mean, get my fun, sassy, and smart new adult novel into the hands of more readers? Why yes, yes I would! Queue glitter and confetti please and thank you! 

(Also, check out this recent 5 STAR review from a top-notch blogger who calls it like it is so I had to, you know, see what she said and you should too, if you need convincing that In the Desert is the shizz.)

Back? Okay, so in case you're wondering, In the Desert is a rock and roll road trip taking Brighton Holmes and an unexpected passenger cross country, collecting states in an effort to find a place called home. She's not in fact collecting commemorative spoons or shot glasses for the sole purpose of collecting dust on her bookshelf. (Okay, maybe some shot glasses are involved.) 

Our intrepid and fiery red head, along with the bad boy musician she picks up along the way leave nothing but overturned furniture and wreckage in their wake. Dun, dun, dun. Chaos ensues, but it's a wildly fun ride I recommend you take from the comfort of your favorite spot on the couch. Plus, it's FREE, in it's entirety, on Wattpad, right now. 

If you're already a Wattpad member let's connect. My user name is @DeirdreSpark...
If you're not, get your booty there! Pronto. I mean, it's super cool so you should check it out.

The thing I love about Wattpad is it's totally DIY, meaning writers are getting mighty creative about how they post their work. And there are some fun features like casting and dedications. There are loads of books, in every conceivable genre, notably 1D fan-fic, short stories, and opportunities to gush and gab about all things literary. Go on, check it out!

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