My 140 Top 40 (Tweet Tweet)

Twitter is my jam, more so say than ALL the other social media sites I use. (Sorry Instagram, you're cute, but you're no blue birdie.) For me it is intuitive, engaging, straightforward... There's also the byproduct of thinking in 140 char quips and hashtags. Doh! We don't need to think about that. In the meantime, here are 40 of my favorite (and top favorited) 140 character musings, questions, and comments in the last year or so...
*Note, I said my top 40...I've retweeted about 9,999 awesome thoughts that belong to other people.

40Little two just asked, "Why don't they make a movie (book) where the princess saves the princess (or prince.) Word.

39. That feeling, when writing, when you don't even realize two hours have passed and all the while it's been like you're playing...Yeah, that.

38Quick, if your main character were an animal, which would it be? (Unless of course, your character is an animal.)

37. Here's a post... I've been gobbling up reminisces lately. You too? Er. U2?...

36. For some of us, creating fiction is like breathing or taking water, it constitutes a basic need in our lives.
35. "From the steam, Julian appears black and white, colorful, a mutinous uprising of images against bare skin and hazel eyes." SPENT

34. "Life is too brief to shortchange happiness.” (Young adult contemporary novel, Spent.)

33. I cringe when I have to take out commas to make a tweet fit 140 characters.

32. Breathe life into your sentences, think and write in active verbs.

31. Twitterverse, thank you for supporting & promoting (s) It means the world.

30. being a storyteller, a damn awesome job and privilege.

29. Leisure, what a luxury.

28Sometimes the best thing to do is detach from book sales and reviews...and keep on

27You know you're a writer when...the desire to work on a manuscript electrifies with urgency, passion, and excitement.

26Why we need to READ (& write) YA "The communion of words on the page binds us to..."

25. That moment of possibility when you crack open a new book. 
24no apologies for being yourself, 'kay?
23. Readers, if you get a free book from Amazon or a giveaway, please review it and support . Thank you!
22The world of fiction is a good place to vacation.  
21Pay attention, things are about to get awesome.  
20. "By day, the weather reflected my mood; the dreamy, foggy morning spread across the landscape like a still-warm sheet." 
19. "Hey, you there, writer, please, share your stories so they can become our stories."   
18You won this time chips & salsa. Well played.
17. Books make life rich.  
16When you listen to a song so many times, it's a part if your thoughts. That.
15I'm flattered (rocketing around with glee) that readers who bought THIS SKY by Autumn Doughton also picked up IN THE DESERT.
14. I have given up trying to make a 3D boxset cover. Hashtag DIY Fail. 
13What I want to know is what happens at a Hogwart's Graduation Ceremony?  
12. Take the time to be appropriately and adequately awed.   
11. Read, you'll thank yourself later.
10That head spinning heart bursting conversation with editors. That. *puddling on the floor.
9. Flat out Celeste: one of my fave books this year, more on the blog.
8Today, write a great book, or chapter, or sentence...or light bulb that exact right word.  
7You know you're a writer when...something major (or minor) happens & you're trying to figure out how to turn it into a story. 
6Does anyone else suffer from I-just-finished-a-book-and-don't-want-it-to-be-over remorse? This happened with  Sinner. Sigh.
5. If I could take a nap anywhere right now, I'd go to the Weasley's. 
4Checking flight info for a manuscript is such a fun pretend game to play.  
3. "She turned in circles as the stars flickered on, each one sending her a wish that she no longer needed." IN THE DESERT 
2I love my Kindle. Just saying. 
1. And now, I write a super-secret something for the new year! 

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I'm thinking some of these could go on t-shirts. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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