10 Things [I Mostly] Can't Live Without

Feeling listy and grateful today. These are a few (10) of my favorite things (also people, animals, places...You get the idea.) I've excluded the obvious: family, friends, shelter, food & water because, well.

1. Salt water. Preferably at the ocean on a sunny day. And surfing. I caught the stoke later in life, and it hasn't left. 

2. Green foods. Kale. Salad. Spinach. Apples. Yum. Smoothies

3. Furry animals. Dogs and cats, but I am a sucker for bunnies, elephants (I know, no fur, but still. Owls fit this bill too and wild turkeys.) 

4. Sunshine.

5. Yoga. I am forever a student and a teacher too. Moving with the breath is one of the best things to recenter, ground, and bring me back to connecting with myself, others, and the planet. 

6. Writing. I just love it. Reading too, but writing fiction is like the nougat center, the cherry on top, the Pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance. I delight in it, pour my creativity onto the page, and lose track of time. For all the rejected queries, lost contests, negative constructive feedback, there have been epiphanies, zone moments, sheer joy, exponential learning, connection with other writers, and the deep knowledge that this is my thing. Hands down.  

7. Travel. Get me on a train, to the coast, mountains, European cities, Canada. Oh how I love those maple leaves, I'm talking to you Montreal. I'll take history, hiking, enormous waves, urban, rural, the frontier, a well trodden path. Travel reminds me how big the world is and at the same time my itty-bitty place in it. 

8. The little things: not having to change the toilet roll, dinner prepared when I get home, a bill that was sent in error (no payment required at this time- yay!), a sharpened pencil, or better, a mechanical pencil, not making any trash, playdough, hugs, kelp, when friends send photos—new or old, the smell of scotchtape and wrapping paper, a sneeze that doesn't get stuck, not having to wear shoes, and... 

9. The sunset. No, the sunrise. I can't decide. Mostly the sunrise, I think. It's the experience of it. The way light and shadow play. The warmth and the...

10. Hope. 

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