A Few of my Favorite Things...

I haven't done a Polyvore set in ages! I used to do one seasonally, it's kind of like window shopping and curating the loveliest of lovelies without leaving home. It's sort of like Pinterest for fashion, style, and the home, but you get to select the things you love and arrange them on a board. 

While writing the Follow your Bliss series, if I was stuck or felt like I needed to get closer to a particular character I'd create a set of items that connected me back to them or to help me work through a scene. Unfortunately, I didn't save them all properly—sometimes I'm all head-scratching-huhs? when it comes to certain platforms. Ahem, Facebook.

As a writer, I sometimes find it's useful to step away from a project to shift gears, recharge, and then return feeling fresh. Usually it works best to be away from the computer, but if the weather isn't cooperating or if I just want to take five, this kind of creativity is perfect!

Below is a spring-inspired set! Please share in the comments what you like or something you're gushing over this season. 

Spring 2015

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