Self Love

I recently had the honor to share my thoughts on self love in a vlog for Glitter Magazine as part of their #SelfLove campaign. 

When I watched the video did I cringe? 
Did I say, "Ew, my voice sounds so weird recorded." 
Did I judge and doubt and think not so loving thoughts? 


But that's not what self love is about. That's not what I'm about. 

I may be "old school" but I haven't had too many opportunities to see myself recorded, to watch my own mannerisms, inflections, and goofiness. I tend to shy away from the camera. 


When I said, "Every time I look in the mirror I smile at the person I see in the reflection," I'm being honest. "Self love is about me being true to myself." That's the truth. 

But the noise that I heard in my mind when I first watched the video wasn't loving, it was rude and inconsiderate. It was harsh and deceptive. It wanted me to feel small and crawl into a cave. That's fear and defeat. And it's just noise. I can choose to listen to it or not. 

I choose or not. I'm glittery and sparkly. I'm beautiful and flawed. I'm a real person with a little further to go along the self love spectrum, but I'm getting there, one smile, one video, one act of self love at a time. 

Find out more and join Glitter Magazine's #selflove campaign here.

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