Asks & Answers #2

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Checking in with another Q & A from readers to moi. See the first installment here. All of these asks and answers will be posted on a page here on the blog under a tab called, Favorites

Cool? Cool! 

As before, sometimes it's hard for me to choose just one best of the best and, as always, I reserve the right to change it up. Today I might adore French Bulldogs and next week it's Great Pyranees. Never mind, I can't resist any of them. I have a chronic case of puppy fever. It can't be stopped!


My favorite...

Surfboard: Long, I usually ride an 8, sometimes 9.

Food: I have a variety of food allergies, so my version of the dishes below might not look like the kind your mom cooks, unless of course, I'm your mom or you share the "quirk" that prevents you from eating sugar and gluten. Pizza. Chips, guacamole, and salsa. Smoothies. Sometimes all at the same time. No, I don't mean a pizza smoothie, but a smoothie with a slice of pizza. Oh and my toppings vary from Margarita style to onions, sage, butternut squash, and arugula. The possibilities are extensive, despite the fact that my father thinks the only things left for me to eat is that "Stuff called hummus." He worries about my diet and health worse than my Italian Nana. Also, I'm a vegetarian so you can imagine I'm a real joy to dine with. 

Server: "Can I take your order, Ma'am?"
Me: "Sure, but first I have a few questions..."
Server: *Stiffens with fright/Or rolls eyes at me* "Okay...:"
Me: *Launches into 100-and-one Q's about ingredients...* 
Server: "Sorry I asked. I quit." *Tosses apron on table.*

Kidding. It isn't that bad, and I tip well. I've been on the other side of the four-top, so I know all about the "dread food-sensitive diner." 

Also, read an outstanding treatise by none other than the illustrious Maggie Stiefvater on owning/embracing our health, food sensitivities, and choices. (If the thought harvesters from the Unicorn planet Zorb have anything to do with this, I'll... I won't say it, I won't even think it! If that makes no sense to you, good ;-) 

What TV shows do you like?

I've watched all nine seasons of Seinfeld in their entirety, if that tells you anything. But to tell you the truth, I rarely veer from PBS; Downton Abbey is top notch and I really enjoy cooking and travel shows, which they do brilliantly. I also loved Freaks & Geeks during its run. So sad to see that one go. Other than that, I'm a books and movies kinda gal. 

Wondering about my writing? Life? That hummus stuff? Ask in the comments below and I'll see if I can come up with an honest answer.

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