Bookish Buys

Do you ever get a case of the wants? It usually happens to me while window shopping on Pinterest, occasionally Instagram. 

I'm all like, I. Must. Have. That. Now. 

Sometimes it's clothing, shoes, a picture of tacos. (Then I find myself in the kitchen ten minutes later wondering why the avocados are never ripe when I want them to be.) 

Other times it's wearable words and often it's...a book or a box of books or book swag or bookish things, because books, they're entire worlds of clothing and shoes and tacos or reminders of characters and courage and love. 

A case of the wants, involving books, is ultimately pretty satisfying. If you find yourself in this delightful predicament, hare a few super cool relatively new-to-the-scene creative ways to get your bookerly fix. 

Appraising Pages >>> is run by Justine, a mom, coffee drinker, and book lover. She creates and sells everything from jewelry to T-shirts with quotes and sayings from favorite novels. Great gift items for the book lover in your life (or ya know, you.) 

BookWorm Box >>> created by the prolific author Colleen Hoover is a monthly subscription service delivering a box of books and goodies directly to your mailbox. The bonus, 100% of proceeds after overhead costs, go to charity!

Owl Crate >>> A monthly YA subscription box curated by Korrina and Robert, self-proclaimed "massive book geeks." It is so awesome it often sells out so sign up early. As in now. Sign up now. You should also read their manifesto

Storiarts >>> A husband and wife team who make literary items like scarves (they're lovely) gloves (the kind without fingers so you can still type when it's chilly) and other printed fiber goods that are spot on! I'll take one of each, please.

Do you know of any other literary artists, curators, and book lovers who spin gold? Share in the comments below so next time I get a case of the I wants, I know where to go.

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