Wordy Wednesday

Summer vacation is ovah 'round these parts, which means I'm getting back to writing. Don't get me wrong, I "dabbled" over the last few months, working on this and that. I also came up against a heady and unexpected deadline and somehow managed to meet it without sacrificing too much sleep, but now I'm rubbing my hands together, warming them up for the keyboard...and away I go! 

Oh, but first, I have to reflect on how super fast this summer flew by. I think I say that every year. Yep. And still, I'm amazed. Where does the time go? Seriously, if you figure out that matrix, let me know. Aside from making memories, laughing, smiling, surfing...It seems to slip through my fingers. All good stuff to be sure, but still, yew. There it was and there it went. 

A big, huggy thank you to everyone who's left Sugar a review! 

But SUGAR, has been going strong! In case you've wondered what you missed, because in the whirlwind I'm afraid I may have skipped a reading a blog post or two, here I am to catch us all up on the Sugar buzz! 

Live today, find an interview & giveaway on Book Worms & Night Owls. Don't you love the name of Lauren's blog?! 

Ooh, prizes!

And, um, a few more interviews, reviews, and the like that might be of interest.

Interview & review on Hypable.

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The delights & plights of writing on Land of Books.

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10 Sweet things about Sugar on the Authorteers.

On getting Sugar with Fangirlish.

An interview with Sugar on GrownupFanGal.

Author Q&A at Book Stop Corner. 

Read about why Claudia from My Soul Called Life called Sugar a top 10 of 2015

The *blogcritics review of Sugar.

Yara from Once Upon a Twilight says, "This book is definitely a treat." Find out more here.

An interview over at Fiktshun.

The 6 things Czai over at the Blacksheep Project loved about Sugar.

5 Questions & 5 Answers over at Sassy & Dangerous. 

A day with Sugar over at Papercuts Podcast.

You can also find all these big and little, morsels of book awesomeness on the tab above labeled: Buzz & News. Huh? Huh? Did I miss any? Oh, and yeah, I'm hanging out on Marie Forleo's street by connecting, sharing, promoting proudly

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