Life Lately

A photographic catalog of my little postage stamp when I'm not writing...

A breakfast of champions...I try to replicate this whenever possible. Some kind of green-granola fancy, right?!  I take mine minus the honey, honey.

Pinion Trees are some of my favorites.

My love.

I've been digging adding a sprinkling of crushed red pepper to my food lately. Still searching for a sugar-free sriracha/hot sauce substitute.

This photo has already had some airtime, but too adorable to resist...although on second glance, he doesn't look all that pleased with my photo set up. Sorry, Fluffy. 

When I'm not writing...Update...only the sky remains.

Spending so much time in the sun. Little Two made a UV bracelet. 

My kind of manna. 

She makes a good pillow.

I'm getting super excited. Also, heads up, Pearl is my longest ms yet! 

Sunsets, ya think I like them?

I need a regular dose of sparkle in my life. Even the flaming kind.

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