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Welcome to the New Adult Scavenger Hunt


The NA Scavenger Hunt is similar to YASH (if you've been hanging around the blog you'll remember it from a couple weeks ago). NewASH is a biannual event to give readers a chance to receive bonus material from their favorite authors, find new books, and have the opportunity to win great prizes, including what else? 


It works like this: there are two teams (right now you're on TEAM GREEN). Each participating author leaves a numerical clue. Add up the clues and enter to win the grand prize! 

Find the complete details, rules, and frequently asked questions here

Remember, the game goes lightning fast: 72 hours to be exact. 

What are you waiting for? 
Go! Go! Go.  

I'm hosting Kate Thomas, author of the


Kate Thomas, is the author of the Equilibrium Series, a five-book supernatural new adult series & Resounding, an eight-book supernatural adult series scheduled to release starting the fall of 2015.

She is a full time author entrepreneur, writing under multiple pen names and ghost writing on occasion. With more ideas than one person should be allowed, she is blessed to have a muse that doesn’t seem to take a vacation and more energy that one might consider healthy.

She writes under L.A. Starkey for her Young Adult and Middle Grade books. 

Find out more at Kate's Website.

And connect with her here:

There’s something strange about David, something that goes beyond the way he makes Ellie feel. He’s wealthy, poised, and a complete enigma. With nothing to lose but her heart, Ellie goes in search of the truth—a search that leads her down an eye-opening path that reveals secrets about the world she thought she knew.

The world’s order is held in careful balance, the essence of good and evil tilting the scale. When the fabric of reality is stripped away, Ellie is forced to make a decision to follow the path David’s constructed before her or simply walk away. The Core is missing and someone must step up and stand between the light and darkness, holding each back and maintaining equilibrium. 


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lucky book number is 74.

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And how about a treat while you're here...

I'm offering a bonus drawing for a chance for one lucky US 

reader to win a copy of SURFACED, the companion novella 

for To the Sea & a cute tote bag! Please enter below. 

Hang on, no one walks away empty handed. Even if you don't win the NewASH grand prize or the bonuses above, you can still get a free book! YES! 

THROUGH THE JUNGLE is a prequel-sequel novelette to the Follow your Bliss series & is a quick, must read! Simply sign up for my enewsletter, specify your preferred format (whether you read on Kindle (mobi), Nook (epub), or if  you'd like a PDF), and I'll send you a copy for free!

Thanks again and please leave a comment below sharing the books you'd like to win, your favorite Halloween treat, or just to say hi. 

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