Dear 2015

Dear 2015, 

Thank you. Thank you for difficulties and lessons. For the ease of routine and growth. For the opportunities and triumphs and connections. 

You taught me about patience and persistence, for diligence and what it is to practice something until it's a joy and not a tiresome chore.

I think I smiled more of these last three-hundred-and-sixty-five days than not. And laughter. There was an abundance of laughter logged, more so than in most years previous. I'm especially thankful for this and getting my wonder-muscles pumped. 

Courage figured into this year in big and little ways, and I appreciate the challenge. Pushing through resistance makes me stronger even if I don't see it that way in the moment. 

Thank you for the ocean and sunshine; the salt and light has brightened me from within. And walks and talks, dancing feet and sailing balls, sandy toes and long sips of ice-cold water. 

Thank you for opportunities and partnerships. I learned that I tend to prefer to do everything (my way), but working in collaboration draws the best in me and broadens my capacities and creativity, not to mention connects me to some pretty outstanding people. 

A late lesson in the year was simplicity and sometimes the right answer is no even though it isn't always an easy one. Taking time for mind space, quiet, and stillness in this jittery body of mine is vital. I hope I put this more into practice in the coming year. 

Thank you for carrying me through the days and nights, hopes and dreams, longings and losses. Thank you for helping me get to know myself better. Thank you for drawing me into new friendships. 

Thank you, 2015 for so much love and light. Thank you for peace. I look forward to all of this and more in the coming year.

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